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Plan vs. Actual for VLCD #1...

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Soooo... things didn't go exactly according to my pre-planned menu today, but I think it worked out okay. Here's what actually happened:

Breakfast(ish): pink lady apple (~ 120 cal)
Lunch: 50g romaine; 15g red onion; 3oz precooked TJ's pot roast (~ 120 cal)
Dinner: exactly the same as lunch (~ 120 cal)
Dessert: fruit leather (45 cal) because the orange I planned to eat was rotten
Total: ~ 405 cal

Exercise: just over 4.5 miles at between 3.5 and 4mph - total of about 1h10min exercise plus 5min cooldown. Ended up going long because I was feeling so good!

Water: 32 ounces before lunch; 24 ounces after lunch (finished at gym); 24 ounces immediately after workout

Pepsi One: 3 cans. Will have to try harder on that one tomorrow. Clearly, I'm a work in progress!

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