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P 2. Vlcd 6

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Loss the same 2.1 lbs I gained yesterday...YAY!!! I certainly didn't like losing it twice. I can't cry over that though!!!! Moving forward, I am really going to be careful what the chef has delivered and will not order from her again. Boohoo, that was so convenient, especially since I don't cook...at all! I dust my stove once a month whether it needs it or not!!!!

Aimee and mraven, thank you for your support!!!

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  1. AimMee's Avatar
    Of course! And yay on losing it!

    I love ya dear, but you MUST cook on this protocol. I can give you some super easy tips to make your life easier, if you're willing to put a couple of hours toward it each saturday or sunday (or whatever day off you might have). Sound like a deal?
  2. Annie226's Avatar
    Thank you so much, I Started preparing my food today! Argh!!! I really have not gone into ketosis yet, big issue!!!! That is what I get for taking the easy way out! Lesson learned!!!!