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  1. R4p2d9

    Yesterday I wore a new dress that I purchased 2 weeks ago. The interesting thing about it...I had planned on returning it because it was embassing TOO TIGHT!!!! Well, yesterday it FIT!!!! I was so happy! What a wonderful day!!!! Same experience putting on my coat from too tight...to plenty of room.

    I have lost an amazing amount of inches this week!!!! Love this protocal!!!

    My first week I have lost 7.8 lbs, yippee!!!!
  2. 7.8 Down on VLCD 6

    I am very happy with my loss!!!! My goal is 11more pounds. I really don't want to have a last minute push to get to my goal, as it is always tough to stabilize.

    Couple of things I have changed/learned in my journey since my first round:

    -I can lose weight!!!! Huge for me!!! I have done every diet around...WW, Jenny Craig....yep all of them without this type of success.

    -Every round I have learn something different about myself.

    -I ...
  3. R4p2d3

    Again as in the past successful rounds...after the first couple of days, I start feeling really good. It seems like that feeling is coming earlier, one day of detox. Perhaps it is because I had been eating 80% clean, so there wasn't that much garbage/toxins in my body. I don't know, but I will take it.👍👍👍

    I am down 2 lbs from yesterday....fingers crossed that I can continue the fabulous loss.

    Good luck to everyone and have an amazing day!!!!
  4. R4p2d2

    Yesterday was tough!!! I was starving about 5pm....but stayed strong!!! Have you notice how many food commercials are on TV at night...LOL. Felt like I could of eaten my arm off.

    The payoff was there with a loss of 3.2 lbs ... Woohoo!