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7.8 Down on VLCD 6

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I am very happy with my loss!!!! My goal is 11more pounds. I really don't want to have a last minute push to get to my goal, as it is always tough to stabilize.

Couple of things I have changed/learned in my journey since my first round:

-I can lose weight!!!! Huge for me!!! I have done every diet around...WW, Jenny Craig....yep all of them without this type of success.

-Every round I have learn something different about myself.

-I had chronic fatigue...interesting, it was all focused on diet, which in turn, I did not feel like exercise....hated it!

-all focus for exercise was on cardio-for which I had actually no stamina!!! I have started lifting weights 10 minutes a day 3 days a week, focusing mostly on upper body. Now I am lifting more than that now...only because I want to do so!!!! Again, huge for me!!!!

-this is what I think was my vicious circle: I gained weight because I did not exercise, therefore losing muscle mass, therefore I was not burning calories.

-Current lifting practices-I lift heavy enough weights until I can only lift 8 to 5 times to failure. I try to lift 3 rounds of each rep. What I know- form is important!!! FYI-I have gone from 5 to 10 lb weights and struggling at times to purchasing a full set of arm weights. From 10lb curls to 28lb curls...this has come as exciting for me as getting on the scale and seeing a weight loss...UNSURE WHEN I CROSSED OVER TO THE HEAlTHY SIDE...LOL

-I have been really amazed at the results, both weight loss and my strength and stamina...did I mention weight loss!!!!

Hoping my journey helps someone!!!

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