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P2 vlcd 7

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Finally, I am on my way in the right direction. Loss of .9, totally 5.5 lbs. Not what I had hoped, but I had that bump with the chef my clinic recommended....argh! Gotta get over it!!!! Only sleeping about 6 to 6.5 hours a night and I am a good 8 hr a night girl. Also, i have been extremely busy at work with another very long day, so didn't eat my dinner until 7:30 last night! Probably will not be any better tonight! Ate lunch out yesterday, fish and a lettuce wedge. I told the restaurant I was extremely allergic to any type of oil, so I think my fish was "clean"!!! It is so funny, with having that gain early(argh! Guess I am still not over it!LOl). Any downward motion on the scale makes me happy, happy, happy! Everyone have a fabulous day and stay clean!!!!

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