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I love mornings like this! Down 1 lb today!!!!! And happy about it! Down 14lbs total!!!! This is the only diet that has ever worked for me and I am so thankful I have found it. I think what I "love" about it most (besides the rapid weight loss) is that it is time limiting. You know you can do anything for 23 days or more. What ever you set in you head that to do. I have 5 days left and no cheating with extra food that is not on the listed, I have been tempted, oh have I been tempted. I made this big chicken pot pie for the family with cheese cake for dessert, OMG...what a tough night. The left overs went out the door! I guess it is easier to control myself living alone as it is easy to get all the illegal food out of the house!!! Good luck to all and have a wonderful day!

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