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  1. Day three P3

    Breakfast: Fast eggs, three whites one yolk
    Snack: Lean beef and 1/2 tomato
    Lunch: Garlic chicken salad
    Snack: Seaweed snacks
    Dinner: Salad with striploin steak made with pastured butter!
    Dessert: Coco-crack and another lick of butta

    I'm not down with adding dairy yet, not a big fan anyway as I'm on the paleo wagon. I do have a belief that only calfs should be drinking cow milk, but that may just be me and some others. I do like HWC in my Americano ...
  2. I guess I missed two days in here? P3 Day 7

    Weight this morning 138.7 (.1 under LIW)

    Went on a good run this morning, not a great one, but ok. I'm still getting my muscles back into the swing of things.

    MRM protein Whey shake: 85

    Breakfast: 2 bacon strips 80
    three eggs (three whites- 1 1/2 yolks) 150
    Tiny tomato 20

    Snack: Guac and some celery 100
    1 egg white and ...
  3. P3 day 5

    Breakfast training at work:

    1 piece of small frittata (gluten and dairy free) 120?
    1 egg white and one half yolk 60
    1 1/2 pieces of turkey bacon (wish it were full fat) 60
    one pinch of coconut shredded 20

    Snack:Guac with celery 100

    Tuna with 2 Tbls mayo 210
    1/2 bell pepper 30

    Snack: 2 small bites of Greek Gods yogurt (trying dairy) 20

    Post Workout snack: Jay Robb whey Protein ...

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  4. P3 Day 4 (Recovery Zone)

    Well, I'm off to bed after a busy day. Worked a full 8 hours, then went to Bollywood class and all on a modified steak day.

    I had about 100 oz of water today.
    3 cups of green tea (coffee isn't really my thing every day, but then again, neither is tea)
    Around noon I had three egg whites with a little yolk

    Around 2 I had about 100 cals of tuna in olive oil

    Then at 5 I had my big steak 12.8 ounces (no tomato, no time. I hope that didn't hurt ...
  5. Easter brunch-fest

    Easter Morning P3 D3 weight 128.3 (up .4 from yesterday)

    Brunch today was so big I think it's really going to be my only meal of the day. I might just have tea and water for the rest!

    Early morning snacks:
    1/4 protein shake
    turkey jerkey
    3 mini bell peppers

    Brunch consisted of:
    1 1/2 piece of bacon
    4 deviled eggs with most of the yellow scooped out (still part of me freaks about fat!)
    1 pc grain free quiche ...
  6. Day 2 P3

    today was P3 D2 and I had: Weight 127.9 (.8 below LIW)

    Breakfast: two poached eggs, one fried and about two of the yolks
    two pieces of bacon

    Lunch: Chicken and Mushroom heated with some coconut oil and guac with salsa

    About 8 pieces of Sashimi with some clear soup
    tuna and shrimp marinated in oil

    Snacks: Tbls sunflower seed butter
    A bit of deviled egg filler ...
  7. Day one of P3

    Day one of P3

    Breakfast made by my lovely fiance:
    Three egg whites, one egg fried in a bit of butter
    1 1/2 pc of bacon
    a bit of onion and mushroom in a bit of butter as well

    Lunch: (tasting at a catering company for our wedding, wasn't sure so didn't eat much)
    three bites of flank steak
    one bite salad
    Then got so hungry- one piece of celery with about 4 TBLS of guac
    1 bell pepper

    1/3 Serving ...