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VLCD 14 Getting Bored with Food...Whatever

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I'm now on VLCD 14 - 2 weeks in. While 2 weeks has passed quickly, it has also passed slowly. I know, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Perhaps I should not look at my calendar and see how much longer I have to go...4 weeks. I start P3 on February 11th, unless I decide to go longer. I have opted to do a long round first. I figure, I'm already in the thick of it and I wouldn't want my sacrifices to go to waste.

I hope to get down to the 140s with a long round, and then do 1 more round after that to get down to 120 lbs. I think its a very doable plan...if I take this one day at a time and not see how many days there are in front of me. One month doesn't seem like much, but now that I've been bread-free for 2 weeks, and will be for many more, its actually become harder mentally. I will not let the difficulty stop me; the outcome is more important than eating a roll with dinner or having a bagel for breakfast.

I am impressed with my resolve. My boyfriend has even said the same to me. I have made grilled cheese sandwiches for my daughter, taken her to my favorite restaurant (National Coney Island) and not eaten, and have several off-limits foods 10 feet behind me in my kitchen. All those delicious things contributed to my rising weight...eventually going as high as 182.

I seem to be averaging .5 a day. You know that that first week isn't realistic and that some of your weight must be water...but it is a letdown to lose those "big numbers". I know .5 lb a day is good, and really, how else would I be losing that much weight that quickly? The scale has just been going up, up, and away these past few years. The fact that its going down is a blessing.

As unrealistic as I know this is, I wish I could see more actual, physical changes in my body. Sure, there are small losses of inches in certain areas of my body (hips and .5 inch in neck) but I was hoping the arms, thighs, stomach, and particularly my neck would get smaller. I'd even be okay with my neck going back to normal. I hate having a double chin.

Even from my vantage point, I can see that this is starting to become mentally taxing. I see the scale going down, but I'm wishing it were more. I see that small inches are happening. I've never been a patient person, but usually I am grateful. Right now, I'm having trouble being both. I almost want to "skip ahead" to when the VLCD is over and look like me again (or a slightly larger but not obese version of me).

Since I'm not hungry, it doesn't seem that it should matter what I eat for lunch or dinner, whether that dinner is something yummy or bland. However, the food craving demons in my head are starting to hate every bite whether its delicious or not because they want the super greasy meal with bread and butter and cheese and salt. Obviously, I'm not starving physically, but I feel like I am starving mentally for food that I can't wait to eat and that I salivate over and enjoy every unhealthy bite.

Wow. I sound very pathetic. I know I should live to eat, not eat to live, but food is one of life's greatest pleasures. Mostly, I want bread. Just a turkey sandwich with grapes! I think the purpose of this blog is to drive myself even crazier with my fantasies of food that I only just had 2 weeks ago.

After loading for 2 days, I felt like I'd never want to eat again. I'm surprised at how quickly that has changed. I don't want to just eat, I want to eat the foods I crave and am denying myself. I'm not stupid enough to actually do it and throw away everything I've worked for. For now, I guess I'll have to settle for catching a waft of my daughter's grilled cheese, popcorn, turkey sandwich, et cetera. (Fun fact: "et cetera" is Latin for "And so forth")

Well, I guess I'll stop ranting for now. Its one more month until P3. I can handle it and I'll be happier at the end of P2 knowing I didn't cheat and that I did everything I could to lose as much as possible in that time. I'm excited to try Oopsie rolls. It'd be nice to have something on "burger buns" instead of chicken salad in a bowl.

I don't have any health food stores too close, but I'd like to see if there are any low carb wraps that are P3 protocol that I can eat. Even if I have my chicken in a wrap, I'd probably be happier. I'm saving a lot of money right now on P2, but I think P3 is going to be the most expensive Phase...what with special mayonnaise or ingredients to make your own ketchup.

I just need to keep repeating: Boring won't kill me. Boring won't kill me.

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  1. Feisty's Avatar
    What special mayonaise? Just get one with out sugar. I just used helmans regular whole fat mayo in P3. Regular ole butter, Sour Cream, and there are plenty of sugar free ketchups out there and I believe in sticking to the whole fat stuff. The more chemically altered it is the less I want to do with it.
    My wal-mart sells a Low carb wrap (7g) per serving made by Josephs bakery. Actually it's not a wrap it's lavosh bread but . . . It works great as a wrap. It's Flax. NOT wheat. I'm always scouting around for P3 stuff and I wander around wal-mart. Take a walk down the spice Isle Celery salt? Onion powder? Garlic Salt? ooooo my fav. . . Ground Ginger? A nice curry (check ingredients). Ground cloves. What can I tell you to help you out of your boredom. Experiment I am enjoying my food so much right now.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Feisty gave a great reply to your blog, Antha. Dukes Mayo--you can get it at Kroger now, is to die for on P3. Just a fyi. But yes, u have to get there first. But I agree with Feisty, food on p2 can be delicious. I luv my p2 food, just hate such skimpy portions. Experiment so u enjoy your food now. 4 more weeks is a long time to be totally bored with your eating. I'm right with u, I'll be going to p3 and almost the exact time as u. I plan to be in mid 40's at that time. I don't want to get any lower. When I was in my mid 20's (age), I weighed 135 and was quite thin. At my age and build, 145 is slender, not skinny, but not at all heavy. So we're sorta on the same track, though u want to go lower. We'll get there. And let's enjoy the journey. Fix something spicy, tasty for your dinner tonight. I going to have either grilled onions, with spices, or the spinach chips (never fixed those) but have been hearing about them and will treat myself to a nice dinner of something new and tasty. Why don't u try doing the same? Like u said, food is one of life's greatest pleasures! Look at it this way, u may find some ways of cooking u will want to incorporate forever in your life.
  3. Dani's Avatar
    I felt the exact same way yesterday. I am on day 11 of P2. Started at 169, 41 years old. I have lost the weight several times but never keep it off. Today I felt better but am at the point I do not feel hungry at all but feel physically fine. Need to force myself to eat at times. Found our yesterday I could eat dill pickles - that was a nice change. Guess I just need to try some more recipes - I need to get some of that Bragg's Amino Liquids. I heard they sell it at Kroger. Good Luck and keep going !!
  4. Antha's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I'm so picky that my P2 foods are pretty limited. I'm excited to get to P3. I'm 5'3.5". I was typically between 110-115 in my late teens, about 125-135 in my early 20s. Had a child at 24, and skyrocketed to 180 (I was 140 pre-pregnancy). My divorce is actually what made my weight drastically go down to 140. I met a wonderful man later (our 4 year anniversary is actually this Saturday) and we both gradually put on 40 pounds. We joke that we need to make each other miserable instead of happy so we can lose the weight like we did in our divorces (he also lost 40 pounds during his divorce).

    I don't expect I should weigh 110-115 anymore because its 10 years later and I've had a child. I think 120-130, considering my height and frame, is probably most appropriate.

    Feisty, glad to hear I can have Hellman's. I love my Hellman's! I'll have to check the label. I'll look out for Duke's mayonnaise and the low carb wraps. I do have some spices, like onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, cumin, cinnamon. I just don't know what to do with them other than sprinkle them on. I have never been much of a cook. I'm thinking of getting some chicken broth and having chicken soup. I didn't know I could have pickles! I'm going to run out and buy some now! I'm going to try doing the spinach chips or radish chips. I need something to snack on. I've read about Bragg's. It sounds like it tastes like soy sauce. Why can't it taste like ranch or caesar dressing? lol.

    Should I just try to eat low-carb, low (no) sugar when I get to P3? I was confused in P&I when Dr. S says "no sugar/no starches" but now I think I understand that that means no *added* sugars and keep away from starches as much as possible and limit it. Is that right?

    I wish we had a sticky thread on P3 friendly products and where to get them, just a simple list. I'm going to Walmart to go grocery shopping today and I'm going to keep a lookout to see what P3 friendly stuff they have. Last time I was there, I noticed that the Walmart actually had a WAY bigger selection on meat than my local Meijer's and Kroger's do.
  5. tink6475's Avatar
    Antha, OMG!! I feel as though you took the words right out of my mouth!! I'm on R1ph2vlcd10 and wow I can't believe how board I am with eating already... Like the other girls said, I think we just have to be a bit more creative and not think about how many weeks we have left but that we have 1 week or more behind us......Thanks for writing this because its helpful to know that this is hard but other people are sticking it out too!!!!good luck....
  6. Antha's Avatar
    Glad to know I could give you some perspective and something you can relate to. I'm surprised anyone can get through my long-winded diatribes.

    Yesterday, I felt like I was on a wild goose chase looking for Duke's mayonnaise, almond flour, and Joseph's sandwich bread. I went to 3 different stores: Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer. I won't be on P3 for awhile, but I don't want to wait until the week before and be running around like crazy then. I want to be prepared.

    For the record, I did find the Heinz "No Sugar Added" at Meijer. I also found ground bison at Meijer that I think I'll make a meatloaf out of. I could only find "Bob's Red Mill" almond flour - that was at Meijer too. No Duke's Mayonnaise at my Kroger (I think its a small Kroger) and no Joseph's lavash bread at Walmart (I checked 3 different places, but not the deli area, so maybe next time I'll check there).

    However, I did discover a website (hope this is helpful to someone out there) called netrition.com. They have the Miracle Noodles, Jay Robb shakes, coconut flour, and Jospeh's lavash bread. They don't have Duke's mayo or BLANCHED almond flour - they have NOW brand UNBLANCHED almond flour. They do have a lot of Walden Farms products. I don't know if Walden Farms stuff tastes good. I've never tried it and I've never seen it in a store.

    I notice that Hellman's (and many other) mayo has soybean oil as one of the first ingredients. Is this okay? I thought we couldn't have anything with soy in it?

    I actually had a VERY delicious dinner last night. I have always hated steak. However, I bought thin slice eye of round steak and yesterday night for dinner, I fried it up in a skillet with garlic powder and salt. It was so delicious and I felt nice and full afterward. I don't seem to have issues with beef. This morning, I went from 159.4 to 158.6. Yay!

    I definitely have to focus on how many days I have down. Since its VLCD 17 for me, I have 16 VCLD days in the bucket. Still wish I were losing as much as others, but 12 pounds in this length of time is great. What other diet can do that for you, right? I know I already have weeks to go on this Phase, but I only want to do 2 rounds. The way I have it figured, if I stay on protocol and keep losing roughly .5 pounds, I will lose almost 20 pounds on the 43 day. I want to lose 30 the first round and the rest (20) the second. After week 1, losses are pretty consistent at .5 a pound. Day 43 is Feb 10. If my losses continue the way they have, I should be 148 on Feb 10, leaving me with 28 more pounds to lose and having lost 23 lbs. Despite the rough, restrictiveness...I'm considering going on a bit longer, just to get to 140 so that I don't have to lose more than 20 the second round.