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Last Day of Loading...

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Well this is my final day of loading. I started on Turkey Day and boy was that a bright idea! I was so stuffed and my amazingly supportive husband was trying to get me to eat more and I was not having it! I am fortunate to have my BFF going through this with me. We are going to need the support and I know that she's going to know what I'm talking about if I have any complaints!

I'm nervous to start the VLCD tomorrow but I'm going to portion out my 100g of protien tomorrow morning so I think that will help me a lot with sticking to it and not cheating. I have done WAY harder dieting requirments just fine i.e. the lemonade diet... if you don't know about it look it up... absolutely RIDICULOUS, but you cannot have any food or drink whatsoever besides the H2O and Chyenne Pepper/Maple Syrup Lemonade. I did that for a total of 40 days so I know that I cam do this no problem.

I think the only thing that I'm worried about is the staff at my medical office giving me grief about the VLCD, but so far the nurses I've told about it have been very supportive. Well I'm off to have some enchiladas as my last meal for my final loading day. Wish me luck!!

Any and all advice is much appreciated!!

April Z

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  1. Dar40's Avatar
    April- That's really great that you have a friend to go through the phases with. I start Day one tomorrow as well. I have done the diet in the past and found that a schedule works for me. I do the same thing everyday, changing the food for the meals around of course.

    I do: drops, apple, lunch, drops, apple, dinner, drops.