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Day One of VLCD

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So today was Day 1 of Phase 2 for my BFF and I on the HCG Diet. What a long day! I have had the worst headache since a little bit before lunch time. It's not that bad because I have chronic migraines, so I have been through soooo much worse. Rachel has had the same thing. We're both grumpy and really tired, but extremely proud of ourselves for making it through the first day. She is a really creative person so she has been bouncing recipe ideas off of me all day because she knows as well as I do that we're going to get fed up with our meat and veggies. I am thankful that I have a resource like this to help motivate me along the way and full of seasoned (yum) veterans that know what works so I can have help along my journey.

I was down a pound from my initial weigh in before I started loading... is that common? I gained a pound the 2nd day of loading and woke up this morning lighter than when I started. I'm glad that I started the VLCD on the weekend, because I might snap if I had to deal with sick patients while getting used to the initial shock that I'm going through now.

Anywho, I'm off to watch a movie and sip on some hot tea, that sounds like a cure for this knocking headache.

Phase 1:
Day 1:11/24/11: 178.3
Day 2:11/25/11: 179.2

Phase 2:
Day 1:11/26/11: 177.3

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