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Losing Before 30

I've been overweight my entire life, developing unhealthy habits and body dismorphia. Over the past few years I've been researching how to be healthier instead of focusing on a number on the scale, joined an ETF group, and have found support with my best friend on this journey. I've tried everything from Slim-fast to vegan to paleo in order to lose weight but nothing seems to work. A friend stumbled on hCG and together, we're going to try it. My goal isn't just a number on the scale but to lose inches and body fat as well as develop healthy habits for a healthier overall lifestyle.

  1. P3 Week 1 Finished

    Just finished my first week of P3 and wow was it a doozy. I started off gaining over 2lbs and had a steak day that set me back on track. I'm eating lots of proteins, vegetables, and high fat items while trying to stay away from starches and sugars. I was reading that in the first week of P3 is when your weight will fluctuate while it finds a balance. Hopefully I'll find a balance too. I'm down -2.5lbs from my original weigh-in and also another -2inches as well. I've been a bit leery of losing weight ...

    Updated February 13th, 2015 at 03:54 PM by Aquatica

    Round 1
  2. P3: D8

    P3 has been pure heaven eating lots of meat, eggs, adding dairy in, and still losing weight! I did have a steak day this week and believe it helped me a lot of stabilizing. I have been able to eat out successfully without overindulging and staying away from starches and sugar. I keep stevia packets in my purse, and plan to order some more stevia drops soon. I wanted to do another round immediately afterwards but I have a wedding to go to and will be postponing until after wedding. Heck, I might ...
    Round 1
  3. Final Stats

    I'm finished with my first round, minus P3/P4 and here are my final stats:

    Weight: 263.9----------244.6
    BMI: 46.7---------------44.7
    Body Fat: 29.6----------28.7
    Neck: 15------------------14
    Bust: 49.5----------------46.5
    Waist: 56.5---------------48
    Hips: 54.5-----------------51.5
    Thigh: 32------------------30
    Calf: 17.5------------------16
    Bicep: 15.5----------------14
    Round 1
  4. P3: D1

    Even with falling off the band wagon to good wine, I'm happy to be moving into P3. These past 40 days has been filled with mental realizations, and a great journey towards becoming a healthier me. I'm glad to have had so much great support here on the forums, as well as a few family members, and I look forward to more rounds in the future. Hopefully, I can plan a vacation soon after my second round so I can see some of my family.

    After my first 72 hours of getting hCG out of my system, ...
    Round 1
  5. P2: D37

    I'm getting down to the scrapings of the bottle and find myself nervous yet so excited for P2 to finally come to a close. It signifies the end of my journey, and time for me to reflect on multiple areas of my life. Such as, what are my new short term goals to meet my long term goal? How will I change my life from here? How will this affect my family and those around me? And most of all, how will it affect my emotional health and well being?

    I've been very happy with my results and ...
  6. P2: D33

    I can't believe it, 7 days left (technically 9 while waiting for the hormone to get out of my system). I've made it, and I'm hitting a lot of my goals nearing the hit. Made it to the 20lbs loss mark, and along 2.1lbs away from hitting my 230s mark. I'm happy that I've been able to lose weight and feel so much confidence. I was in a bad place for a while there. My husband's job made us move away from everything familiar and comfortable, he didn't want me going to the gym that's free for us to use ...
  7. P2: D30

    Wow, it feels amazing to know that I'm in the final stretch. TOM has messed with my goals but I've been able to keep it realistic. I'll be happy to lose 1.7lbs so I hit the 20lbs gone mark. I would have really loved to make it to 25+lbs released but I'm happy to have lost weight in general. I was talking to my husband today and he was noticing changes. I'm glad he was able to notice and compliment me on them even though he was a little disappointed that my tush is decreasing (to which I suggested ...
    Round 1
  8. P2: D27

    TOM is nearing it's end and it wasn't as bad as it normally is. I wonder if the hormone has anything to do with decreasing cramps. Normally I'm curled up feeling horrid on the couch, taking pain meds, hardly eating, and waiting for it to end. I was functional this time, just needed one pill on the first day, then everything was smooth sailing from there.

    I did wake up this morning to a -1.1lb drop and -2 inches. I can't wait to see what other losses I can get before this round end. ...
    Round 1
  9. P2: D24

    My progress has been wonky. I tried Coconut Oil like an hCG group suggested (aka they said it was proven to use) only to stall on it. So no coconut oil especially after my cousin found an article by hCGChika. At least I have the coconut oil for P3/P4! TOM started today so I'm not going to be doing after weight/measurements until it's over. I did my measurements today and they're still the same. Mostly, I'm crabby and moody. I'll just snuggle under a blanket and hide from the world.
    Round 1
  10. P2: D19

    I was down another .8lbs yesterday that made me excited to officially be at 247.8! I'm two days shy of finishing week 3 that I'm excited and hoping my next 3 weeks have similar losses. I actually got dressed today (I normally am in my pjs all day since I'm doing an online college and don't really have any reason to go anywhere) and found that my clothes are fitting differently. My jeans are looser, my shirts feel longer because of the inches I lost in my stomach area, and I'm feeling more energized! ...
    Round 1
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