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Emotional Progresses

Emotional progress on weight loss.

  1. P2: D37

    I'm getting down to the scrapings of the bottle and find myself nervous yet so excited for P2 to finally come to a close. It signifies the end of my journey, and time for me to reflect on multiple areas of my life. Such as, what are my new short term goals to meet my long term goal? How will I change my life from here? How will this affect my family and those around me? And most of all, how will it affect my emotional health and well being?

    I've been very happy with my results and ...
  2. P2: D33

    I can't believe it, 7 days left (technically 9 while waiting for the hormone to get out of my system). I've made it, and I'm hitting a lot of my goals nearing the hit. Made it to the 20lbs loss mark, and along 2.1lbs away from hitting my 230s mark. I'm happy that I've been able to lose weight and feel so much confidence. I was in a bad place for a while there. My husband's job made us move away from everything familiar and comfortable, he didn't want me going to the gym that's free for us to use ...
  3. [EP] A Mother's Lesson: Body Shaming

    I remembered it sounding like an innocent sentence the moment my Mom gasped and whispered to my Aunt, “Oh my god, do you see that?”

    To my mind it didn’t register what was going on as we stopped in our tracks. My Aunt looked to where my Mom’s head had slightly tilted and let out a snort, “God damn, she’s a whopper!”

    I gazed from my comfy shopping cart seat at the extremely large woman in a motorized wheelchair shopping with her back turned at an aisle across ...