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Losing Before 30

Final Stats

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I'm finished with my first round, minus P3/P4 and here are my final stats:

Weight: 263.9----------244.6
BMI: 46.7---------------44.7
Body Fat: 29.6----------28.7
Neck: 15------------------14
Bust: 49.5----------------46.5
Waist: 56.5---------------48
Hips: 54.5-----------------51.5
Thigh: 32------------------30
Calf: 17.5------------------16
Bicep: 15.5----------------14
Forearm: 11---------------11

Total Losses:
-2 points to BMI
-0.9% Body fat
-20.5 inches

I did cheat near the end of my round and paid for it near the end. I didn't meet my goal to drop into the 230s but that's ok, I did lose a lot in my first round and learned so much about my body. I look forward to a second round where I can try another method such as injections since I have a better idea of what works for me. I know what foods to eat and what to stay away from that cause me to gain.

P3 has been heavenly for me so far but I can't wait to start eating fruit again. Adding milk, cheese, and healthy fats has been wonderful! I can't wait to get my pantry filled with paleo-esque foods!

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