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Losing Before 30

P3: D8

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P3 has been pure heaven eating lots of meat, eggs, adding dairy in, and still losing weight! I did have a steak day this week and believe it helped me a lot of stabilizing. I have been able to eat out successfully without overindulging and staying away from starches and sugar. I keep stevia packets in my purse, and plan to order some more stevia drops soon. I wanted to do another round immediately afterwards but I have a wedding to go to and will be postponing until after wedding. Heck, I might start loading the day of the wedding so I can gorge!

The only thing I miss on P3 is fruit! I did try fage yogurt 0% with some vanilla extract and a tablespoon of honey. I'm hoping that won't make me gain since I could get in some nice protein! I've been trying to meet my intake for the day but it's difficult to hit them all!

I really don't want to eat just to eat and have been just eating when I'm hungry, being mindful of what I eat.

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Why aren't you eating fruit in P3? You should be able to at least eat the low glycemic fruits like berries. But really, P3 doesn't forbid fruit, even the sweeter ones. There is just a caution to be careful with them.