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I've been doing HCG for several weeks now with the scale fairly steadily going down. I've lost 25 pounds which I'm proud of but I hadn't thought it was very noticable other than my rings and watch were looser.....and I hadn't really been tracking inches.

Today is our once a month jeans day at work which I usually avoid as I bought a couple of pair of jeans several months ago and spent quite abit of money on them so didn't want to buy more when they didn't fit now. (couldn't even get them with the old lay on the bed trick while sucking it in to get that zipper up) So this morning out of a lark I decided I would try them on. Not only could I get them on, I have room to spare!!!!!! and to add a kicker to it... it's TOM, so I wonder what they will fit like next week.

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Updated August 31st, 2012 at 05:58 AM by Ardys66



  1. woohoo's Avatar
    Awesome!! That is such a great feeling! I think you might need a new pair of jeans for next week...or a good seamstress. Keep up the good work, you are doing amazing.
  2. MsPattyJo's Avatar
    It gets better! Wait until you are donating those jeans because you swim in them! I spend part of this weekend weeding out my "fat" clothes and now have 46 pairs of pants to donate tomorrow. This rocks!!! Keep up the good work!