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  1. Yesterday's Day 2, 8/1: Steak Day

    Woke up, took my L-Carnitine and went to the gym.

    The problem with Steak Days is that you're not supposed to take a large percentage of vitamins/supplements on an empty stomach, so I took a dose at 4pm with my 16oz. ribeye and apple.

    I took 500g of L-Carnitine and two digestive enzymes before having my steak at 4pm (11.5 hours of being awake).

    I drank a total of ~12oz. of water and later had 3tsp of Natural Calm at 6:00pm.

    Scale reading ...
  2. Day 1, 7/31 continued: FFF day

    28 oz. FFF today.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow's scale reading.

    These entries will get better, promise!

    Bedtime - I'm late!
  3. Day 1, 7/31: Full Fat Fage day

    Had my FFF at 12:00pm along with the supplements.

    I'm honestly petrified. SEVENTEEN pounds? I know that I can get it off, but it's just so frustrating!

    I finally posted my thread on the P3 forums, and hope that I can help some people while I'm learning all of this myself.

    Last thought? FFF? pretty freaking amazing.
  4. Beginning of my P3 two week weight loss challenge.

    I can do this!!!

    Today's post to follow shortly.