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Diary of a Baby Sea Turtle

This is a blog about the long crawl across the sand to get to the ocean.

I've ordered my HCG products, and I'm nervous about all this. I'm not much of a cook, and I'm addicted to sugary carbohydrates. I'm a great lover of chocolate. I tend to stick my hand in a box of cereal every time I'm bored or anxious...

I'm looking at every craving that I get on this journey as if it's a dangerous, carnivorous seagull trying to impede me on my way to the water.

I'm hoping that this blog will be a collection of recipes and a log of what makes me lose and what makes me stall. Stop me if I start whining.

I can hear those waves calling me.

  1. so p3 day 5 was the pits...

    this morning, i woke up to 3 lbs above my LIW, a bloated stomach, and a lot of stress. i decided to do fage for breakfast and lunch, and then fish for dinner.

    i actually managed fage for breakfast and lunch, a think thin bar after working out (similar fat/protein ratio as yogurt) and half of a leafy green drink. i took it into the restaurant and ordered fish - and was sipping my drink thinking it would be good to have the ginger and greens in my stomach so that i could poop - as constipation ...
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  2. P3 has betrayed me.

    or i've betrayed it.

    i've been eating too much. this is true. i need to stay under 2000 calories, i've been eating 2300-2400 per day.
    but last night was awful

    i had been constipated for all of p3 - 3 days - and finally i pooped, but afterwards my stomach was still all distended and hard to the touch last night, so i went to bed. i slept well, but i woke up 2 lbs higher than yesterday, which is 3.2 lbs over my LIW

    so i have to do a steak day today ...
  3. P3 is awesome

    my first day on p3 was amazing - let me preface this blog entry with IF I GAIN 10 POUNDS OVERNIGHT IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

    i didn't do the adding things slowly thing, i just sort of jumped right into eating anything but sugars and starches.... so wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in!!

    today i ate ezekiel bread with almond butter and half a chocolate protein shake for breakfast, half an apple before pilates, half an apple after pilates, then lunch was a
  4. P3 tomorrow!!

    well, i lost a little more than 18 lbs total. if i delete the 12 day stall, that means that i lost 18 lbs in 30 days. even though i was on the diet for over 40. i feel like i accomplished quite a bit, and i'm going to stabilize while doing some weight lifting and really making sure that i don't eat much more fat than i have to in order to keep my calories up around 1500.

    i found an amazing resource : http://www.kickas.org/ubbthreads/ubb...&Number=143543
  5. vlcd *31* and frustrated

    well, i've lost 14.6 lbs. yes there was an 11-12 day stall in there but i still feel like i should have lost more by now. ok, i'm a vegetarian. ok, sure - i'm already out of the overweight category on the bmi scale. but DR S's description of women knowing when something is wrong with their bodies before it becomes noticeable on the outside applies to me! i can see and feel that my body does not want extra fat at the knees, hips and armpits!! so why won't it just come off already!?!? ...
  6. vlcd22

    finally the stall is really broken!!

    i've lost one whole pound in the last 2 days. so YAY!!!

    yesterday i skipped my apple, had ff cottage cheese and 1/2 a grapefruit for lunch, and then for dinner had halibut grilled with some tomatoes, and after dinner i had a vodka & soda with lemon because it was my birthday party and i didn't want to seem like a square. the funnies part is - i asked for a vodka NOT made from potatoes because i was worried about the starch... ...

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  7. vlcd19

    still stalled at 145.6 and becoming more and more discouraged by the minute. a 9 day stall is NOT something i thought i'd be dealing with... if i haven't broken the stall by day 23 i might give up, do P3 and just try to lose weight the regular way when i hit P4. i don't know what else i can possibly do to make my body release this fat. i have all the P&I indications of abnormal fat - deposits around the knees and armpits, and my hips are something like 6 inches bigger than they need to be... ...
  8. vlcd17

    here it is. day 17. my first loss in almost a week. still not down to the lowest i've been on this journey. DONT CHEAT, IT SUCKS.

    loading day 2: 152.8
    vlcd 1: 154.8
    vlcd 2: 152.4
    vlcd 3: 150.6
    vlcd 4: 148
    vlcd 5: 149 TOM ARRIVAL (very early)
    vlcd 6: 147.8
    vlcd 7: 147.2
    vlcd 8: 147.4 TOM END (at night)
    vlcd 9: 145.8
    vlcd 10: 145.2
    vlcd 11: CHEATED LAST NIGHT WITH BROWNIES NO WEIGH IN (and ate off protocol ...
  9. i cheated and had to skip a dose and couldn't weigh today.

    i cheated last night, caesar salad and brownies. and again today, fish cooked with olive oil and cookies. at least i didn't have any alcohol. i was away from home.

    i'm back in control now, and i'm not too upset but the scale is gonna reflect this tomorrow and i'm not looking forward to it.

    from the research that i did the best thing to do is to get myself back into ketosis as quickly as possible, which means all protein tomorrow, protein with veggies the day after ...
  10. vlcd9

    i've had a rough few days - TOM, overeating a sashimi dinner with dad, just, my weight loss has been really really slow... but today i was down 1.6 lbs!!

    today i have to go buy some jay robb shakes and figure out some good smoothies!! hope everyone is having a great day! i'm down 7.2 lbs total (9 lbs if you count the load weight) and thats not bad - i'm not severely overweight, and i'm a vegetarian so i feel really good about this.

    hope everyone is having a great ...
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