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P3 is awesome

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my first day on p3 was amazing - let me preface this blog entry with IF I GAIN 10 POUNDS OVERNIGHT IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

i didn't do the adding things slowly thing, i just sort of jumped right into eating anything but sugars and starches.... so wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in!!

today i ate ezekiel bread with almond butter and half a chocolate protein shake for breakfast, half an apple before pilates, half an apple after pilates, then lunch was a burrata cheese and mixed tomato salad with olive oil followed by a big piece of halibut (over corn puree unfortunately i couldn't avoid all of it) and half a glass of white wine, then a few hours later i went and had coffee with a girlfriend, decided to catch a dance class downtown, so i had some cashews and half a pear before ballet class, an apple after ballet class, and then immediately after that a big piece of striped bass cooked with olive oil on a big bed of arugula and another half glass of white wine at a restaurant around the corner. oh and a peppermint tea and the rest of my bag of cashews for dessert!!!

any correction day i'd have to do tomorrow would be entirely worth it. i'd be happy to starve all day tomorrow and then eat a big piece of fish and an apple after the food i had today!! it was just under 2000 calories and i must have burned 500 today dancing and exercising and walking. i'm not bloated or uncomfortable, and all the water i've been drinking today has been going right through me, so i don't really honestly think that i'll gain tomorrow. i hope its not like p2 and takes a few days to show up haha....

well i have to go to bed soon - i have to be up early tomorrow morning to go grocery shopping (if i don't have to do a correction day) because i don't have ANY food in my apartment (except a little bit of fat free cottage cheese)... boy, do i hope that i get to buy a whole lot of groceries tomorrow instead of 12oz of fish and an apple!!

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  1. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    i forgot to add that my LIW was 137, in the three days of vlcd with no hcg i went down to 136.2 and my only question is - do i do a correction if i gain past 139? or past 138.2? i don't actually know which weight is my final P2 weight - 137 or 136.2??

    anyway, i don't actually think i'll gain that much. maybe .2 because i got some corn on my fish at lunch or .4 because of the corn and the ezekiel bread... even .8 because i had wine... i really can't imagine that i'll gain more than back to 137.... worrying won't get me anywhere... i'm going to go to sleep and stop thinking about it.
  2. Espressowhip's Avatar
    You're doing great! I'm so glad you are enjoying P3! It's like a feast, isn't it?!! And wine....so nice to feel normal again!
  3. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    its nice to feel normal again but how am i supposed to shop for groceries?!!? 2000 calories per day is a lot more than i've ever eaten...

    but hey - NO GAIN TODAY - 136.2 !!!! I LOVE P3!!!
  4. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Your final weight is 137 so you can go to 139 b/f a correction day. Isn't P3 tasty? After P2 anything is tasty. Also, if at some point you go over +2 you DO NOT need to do an apple day or a steak day or a fage day. Just eat "clean". Meaning eat P2 but more of it. Anytime I hovered too close to my +2 over I ate "clean" for one day and was back to LDW. Or at least back down. So glad you're enjoying P3. Have fun!!!!