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Diary of a Baby Sea Turtle

P3 has betrayed me.

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or i've betrayed it.

i've been eating too much. this is true. i need to stay under 2000 calories, i've been eating 2300-2400 per day.
but last night was awful

i had been constipated for all of p3 - 3 days - and finally i pooped, but afterwards my stomach was still all distended and hard to the touch last night, so i went to bed. i slept well, but i woke up 2 lbs higher than yesterday, which is 3.2 lbs over my LIW

so i have to do a steak day today but i don't eat steak, i'm a fish eating vegetarian. what do i do? what should i eat? can i eat today or is part of the correction starving yourself all day as punishment for the over indulgences of the days before? does your body chemically let more go if it doesn't get any food until dinner? and at dinner, can i have a fish or do i have to have steak? because i've never had 10-12 oz of meat before.

and can i have any green leafy veggies at dinner? because i think the lack of roughage is really the cause of my constipation and therefore the cause of my gains! but i could be wrong. it could have been all the almond butter.

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    I think it would have to be a steak. However, you can do a fage day. Do you eat Fage Greek Yogurt... or some other brand of good greek yogurt? That's what alot of us (meaning people that I talk to most on here) do because we can't do the steak day. I did one steak day and I don't think I've eaten a steak since. It was disgusting to eat that much meat in one sitting after starving all day. Anyway, to do a fage day (or whatever greek yogurt you choose that is nutritionally close to that of Fage) you eat 28-32oz of greek yogurt throughout the day starting at noon and ending by like 7. Drink lots of water (I usually drink about 80-100oz) and you can have coffee with cream or tea as well. With the yogurt some people eat 6oz of berries with it (spread out over the servings) or just flavor their greek yogurt with liquid stevia (vanilla creme is awesome with it if you get the amount of drops right... start off with 6 and go from there). Some people also choose to use 1tsp of sugar free jello if you don't mind using things like that. The last three times I've done a Fage day I lost 2.2lbs. You can also check out the thread "I want to do an FFF day" by putting it in the search box. You can get more info there and see what I'm talking about. Feel free to ask more questions too. Good luck!
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    Oh, and it must be the full fat greek yogurt or 2% with 1-2T of heavy cream added to each 7-8oz serving.
  3. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Do an apple day. I also read you could just eat P2 foods, but more of them, to help correct.

    The best part of P3 is all the poopin'! You might want to think about some smooth move tea next time you get backed up on P3!

    The high calorie days are the reason for the gains - but you know that already!

    Drink your water and get back on track woman!
  4. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I would love to see your daily menu. How are you able to get your cals that high w/o starches. That is amazing. I do hope you feel better and I 2nd Expresso's comment about a clean P2 day but with more food than in P2..ie-up the fish and veggie portions till your full but only P2 veggies and keep the fats off or low. Anytime I have hovered to high I did one day of "clean" P2 but in the amount I wanted and lost.

    Good Luck!!!