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P3 tomorrow!!

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well, i lost a little more than 18 lbs total. if i delete the 12 day stall, that means that i lost 18 lbs in 30 days. even though i was on the diet for over 40. i feel like i accomplished quite a bit, and i'm going to stabilize while doing some weight lifting and really making sure that i don't eat much more fat than i have to in order to keep my calories up around 1500.

i found an amazing resource : http://www.kickas.org/ubbthreads/ubb...&Number=143543

its a list of the starch content of all sorts of foods.

tomorrow i have to eat out twice, i've checked the menus and p3 is a viable option at both meals, i'm adding back in nuts first, since i'm a vegetarian i've been having milk, fat free cottage cheese, and whey shakes all through p2, so i'm pretty sure my body won't react poorly to dairy. i'm supposed to be eating 1500 calories per day and i'm honestly flabbergasted - how am i supposed to eat that much!?!? haha - only a couple of months ago i wasn't sure if i could eat that little!!

at lunch i'll be having a beet salad made with arugula and pistachios and saba which is a grape vinegar - i'll ask them to give me mostly greens and only a few beets, its a business lunch and it's the best thing on the menu i think... i might have the tomato and mozzarella salad instead. and as the main course grilled halibut. then at night i'm planning a salad that has walnuts and pumpkin seeds on it, i'll bring my own dressing. dinner is with a friend, i have more leeway. i'm going to have a shake for breakfast and a shake right before dinner because i don't want to be tempted at dinner time to have breads and french fries etc... and i'm still 400 calories under for the day, i counted. maybe i'll have an apple and an oz of 100% dark chocolate for dessert since i'm not drinking so i can't make up the calories that way...

i'm very excited for p3, i'm going to go look up recipes that i can make myself at home!! have a great day everyone!!

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  1. fithappens's Avatar
    Good for you Artschool....I am going into my 3 day no hcg on Monday. Were you hungry while doing this???? I am terified I will be starving without the HCG on those 3 days. But SO looking forward to starting P3.
    Hoping your meals out work well for you. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    I had no hunger and no problems the first day, the second day I had no hunger but I started crying after my pilates class because I felt weak - but this a hormone and hormones leaving your body can make you emotional I think... today I was hungry when I woke up but I took it easy and once the ravenous hunger died down I made myself a shake and it was fine. im hungry now about 3 hours later but I did an hour and a half of pilates and forgot my snack so I have to go eat a late lunch... ff cottage cheese 1/2 grapefruit and 1/2 slice ezekiel bread. And I'll still have enough calories left to eat some sushi for dinner and a small snack of grapefruit after ballet class tonight!!

    don't worry shanna, it'll feel scary but it'll all work out. I'm finding that the hardest part is realizing as I walk down the streets of NYC that it's definitely 3 weeks before I can eat any pizza hahaha - but I'm not hungry for it, just nostalgic.

    hope that helps!!
    Updated September 23rd, 2011 at 09:36 PM by artschoolgirl
  3. fithappens's Avatar
    Ha ha I totally understand. I have never been to New York but I hear the pizza is a MUST! Hang in there you will have that slice (or two) sooner than you know it. AND...you may even enjoy it more feeling good about your new body
    Myself, I am looking forward to a nice big cool and refreshing margarita!
    I am really excited about going into P3 and getting back to my normal Zumba classes and weight lifting. I held off for most of the P2 just beacuse it requires so much energy. I tried a few times and it just wasnt the same with no fuel I really enjoy getting "my sweat on" and having to take it easy is not for me!
    Are you going to do P4 then? You must be, if pizza is in your near future. I am wondering what happens if you do P3 for 3-4 weeks then go back to a short round of P2?

    Any idea?

    Anyway, good luck to you my friend and stay strong in your endeavor!

  4. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Hey good to hear from you and congratulations on the loss!!!! That's great. BTW, on P3 I ate the top of pizza just not the crust. It was soooo worth it. You need to make sure you get enough fat in. When you said ff cottage cheese did you mean fat free or full fat? These FF's and fffs are confusing. Have a great P3. Isn't it nice to not worry how they will prepare the halibut?
  5. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    shanna - the pizza IS a must - i'm from here so i also have my FAVORITE pizzas haha... i know you'll love that margarita!! i'm glad you'll get to do zumba soon, i don't like the music but its a great class... i am definitely moving to p4 - you're not supposed to do a p2 right after a p3 and all p2s have to be 23 (26) days. also, i have a wedding trip that i want to be on p4 for in november, so i'm just going to weight lift, and work out and eat healthy with a few high protein days. there's no rule that says you can't lose weight on p4 so i might try to drop 5 lbs in the month from mid october until that wedding. but no big deal if i don't. hope that answers your question.

    laura, there is no way i could hold a piece of pizza in my hand and only eat the top!! but thanks for the suggestion, thats sweet. i will DEFINITELY get enough fat in, cheeses and almonds and cashews and pistachios are huge weaknesses of mine, i'm excited that i'm allowed to eat them i had fat free cottage cheese yesterday because it was my last day of vlcd without hcg but i'll be moving to full fat now... thanks! and yes, its amazing not to worry about how food will be prepared!!