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here it is. day 17. my first loss in almost a week. still not down to the lowest i've been on this journey. DONT CHEAT, IT SUCKS.

loading day 2: 152.8
vlcd 1: 154.8
vlcd 2: 152.4
vlcd 3: 150.6
vlcd 4: 148
vlcd 5: 149 TOM ARRIVAL (very early)
vlcd 6: 147.8
vlcd 7: 147.2
vlcd 8: 147.4 TOM END (at night)
vlcd 9: 145.8
vlcd 10: 145.2
vlcd 11: CHEATED LAST NIGHT WITH BROWNIES NO WEIGH IN (and ate off protocol today as well)
vlcd 12: 146
vlcd 13: 145.8
vlcd 14: 145.8
vlcd 15: 146
vlcd 16: 146.4 APPLE DAY
vlcd 17: 145.6

so its been 17 days - and each day seems longer than the next - and i still haven't lost 10 lbs. that's still 3 lbs per week which is better than a regular diet and exercise regime. but if my losses don't pick back up, there's no way that i'm going to make my goal of 127 by the end of this round... and i really really really want to make that goal. my real goal weight is less than that, but i've never been 127 before, and i don't want to look too thin...

looks like i won't have to worry about that anyway.

just so everyone sees - i'm still .4 lbs above the weight that i was on my cheat day. cheating can ruin this journey, i could have lost a lot of weight this week but i didn't. probably 3-5 lbs. that's nobody's fault but my own, and i hope everyone who reads this stays strong and doesn't have to deal with this difficult diet without any of the rewards the way that i've had to this week. it was really crappy. i mean, i even lost some weight on my TOM... this cheating business was a terrible idea.

i was going down a pound or two every day... if i go down half a pound every day from now until the end of the round, i still won't meet my goal. stupid cheating.. i'm skipping one dose per week so that i can extend my round past 40 days, but even that still won't do it if i only lose .5 per day.

i have to go to pilates, i'm very discouraged - and yes i've read pounds and inches, no i haven't lost inches this week, and yes, i can exercise - if "a vigorous round of tennis" is allowed, then i can do an hour of pilates.

i wish i had a positive outlook, i feel very negative - if anyone leaves me a comment, i'd really appreciate it, but i rarely comment on people's blogs so i understand that.

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  1. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Thanks for your honesty. I am on load day 2 and i feel sick to my stomach. Not sure what I will do for dinner. I do not even want to think about eating. I had coffee with heavy cream this morning and then a late breakfast of two bacon, two eggs, and two pancakes with 3 pats of butter and syrup. It is 3.30 and I am still full. Aversion therapy. You encourage me to follow to the letter. So I will eat tonight but later. I can hear how discouraged that you are. Why oh why do we self sabotage? Hang in and dont make it worse by giving up.
  2. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    thanks texas. try to stay away from carbs when loading, it makes the first VLCD a lot easier. just drink tons of water and stick to the protocol to the letter. you're right. it'll be ok. and come back and read my post when you start wanting variety.

    i'm so jealous of your loading day haha but i'm sticking to the protocol. doing pretty well actually... xoxo