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finally the stall is really broken!!

i've lost one whole pound in the last 2 days. so YAY!!!

yesterday i skipped my apple, had ff cottage cheese and 1/2 a grapefruit for lunch, and then for dinner had halibut grilled with some tomatoes, and after dinner i had a vodka & soda with lemon because it was my birthday party and i didn't want to seem like a square. the funnies part is - i asked for a vodka NOT made from potatoes because i was worried about the starch... not realizing that all the other vodkas are made from grains!! DOH

anyway, my friends are kind of worried about me doing this diet because its so much more extreme than they're used to... but i'm the heaviest of my friends, they know i need to lose the weight, and i'm very good at pretending that this isn't stressful for me. i blow it off - like "yes, i can only eat these 4 foods hahahahaha" "thats sounds so stressful what if you get hungry!??" i reply "what? its' not stressful at all!!! i don't have any choice in the matter, i carry some fruit for a snack and eat fish for dinner! where's the stress?" "oh, i guess when you look at it that way..." i mean, i had this conversation and i was laughing and nodding... and the whole time thinking: yeah, when you look at it that way rather than looking at it like 500 calories and smelling everyone elses good foods and... i mean, its kind of torturous thank goodness i'm a good actor!

but i'm going to have a newly reset hypothalamus and set weight point at the end of this, and i'll know how much grain i can handle before i start to bloat, and i'll have a renewed understanding of foods and my body. that's so worth 500 calories per day. (well, it's worth it now that i'm losing weight again!!)

hope everyone has a good day!!

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Updated August 31st, 2011 at 09:11 AM by artschoolgirl



  1. fithappens's Avatar
    Keep up the good work and stay strong! Im in the same boat as you and a damn good actress as well
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Wow thats great. I was hoping that stall would finally end for you!! Happy Birthday!!!