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Has anyone given blood on Phase 2?

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Hi Everyone!

Newbie here on Phase 2; will be 2 weeks tomorrow and already down 10 pounds

I was curious if anyone has donated blood during this time? I'm sure there are all sorts of crazy things happening in my body chemicals right now, and not sure if that is optimal. I give blood regularly, so that is not an issue, but just wondering if I should wait? I'm obviously not as 100% strong and sturdy with this LCD and I can't exercise as vigorously as usual.

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    Wow. Where you can find the motivation to do that? It's so great if you can share your result. krunker
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    Where would you look for the drive to go through with it? If you're able to share the outcome, that would be fantastic .
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    Wow. How can you become motivated? Sharing results is excellent. dumb ways to die
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