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Water Weight

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Does everyone stop drinking liquids by a certain time at night? I find myself drinking another liter of water after supper at 730. I try to not drink my diet soda after 4 and then either drink water or unsweetened tea. I just noticed someone posted they don't drink past s certain time. I've been losing and now I'm on my stall for the 2nd day. R1vlcd21 I've lost 18.3

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    I strop drinking at the latest 10:30, but I go to sleep between 1-3. I try to shoot for having it done by 9, then maybe I will just have a sip of diet coke if i get parched.
  2. Asheheen's Avatar
    Oh goodness!! Lol I'm in the bed at 930 or so....
  3. Faithful's Avatar
    Maybe some people stop drinking so they don't need to use the bathroom several times during the night?
    I have hot herbal tea before bed... so relaxing.
  4. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Not sure if it was what I wrote that you read, but I try to eat by 530 and finish my fruit and water by 7. I go to bed at 11 or later, so sometimes this is difficult, but I notice a difference in weight. Just water weight, and Im still getting atleast 2 liters in. Not sure if it will make much difference though since you drink diet soda.
  5. Asheheen's Avatar
    I'm not sure if u wrote it...just was curious of other peoples regiment
  6. captncrunch's Avatar
    The standard guideline seems to be to stop eating or drinking 4 hours before you go to sleep. It seems to work for most.
  7. Cpow's Avatar
    My protocol didn't say when I needed to stop drinking water. It takes me all day to get that much water down. Unfortunately I have to get up 2 or 3 times during the night! However, my protocol clearly says NO soda of any kind at all, at any time! Strange how different some of the instructions are.