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Last injection day

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Well I had my last injection today. I was getting so tired of poking myself. I am 2.6 pounds above my first round goal but that's okay. This brings my total loss to 22.4 lbs. My body looks so different. I will take my update pic on Saturday. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and post pics now or wait till I finish my next round. I wished more people would post their results pics to motivate others so maybe I will.

I feel like crap today. This crazy Florida weather has my body aching, with a sore throat and I'm spitting like a pregnant woman. Hopefully this Advil hurries up and kicks in. I'm excited to be entering P3, I'm going to create a weekly menu so I don't do too much too soon. I've seen some really good recipes that I'm so excited to try but don't want to mess up stabilization.

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