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VLCD 39: Good and Great News

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GOOD NEWS: So I did my weekly weigh in on Saturday and I only lost TWO pounds...
GREAT NEWS: I measured my waist and I lost another inch...in one week! So far I've lost 3 inches from my waist in my first round. If I can lose just one more inch during P3, another 2 to 3 inches in R2 then I will be soooo happy. This diet is amazing.

I have two more shot days and then I'll officially begin P3 on Saturday. I am hoping to lose another couple pounds which will bring me to a few pounds above my goal weight for this round, but that's okay because I feel and look good. People are definitely begining to notice.

I don't know if I'm just getting tired of the shots, but they are begining to hurt a little. I haven't changed anything, I think I'm just ready to get to the next step but I am going to force myself to finish.

I'm also ready for some eggs, bacon and chocolate. MMMM!!!

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