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Not too encouraged

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I started at 189.0 and im now 178.0 but its been 18 days! Im told i should have lost more, not too encouraged ;(

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  1. angelatjax's Avatar
    Try to hang in there every one is different I gained stalled then lost only oz I got so frustrated that I cheated big time and now I'm on day 28 and ive only lost 21lbs ,I shouldve lost so much more I have 100lbs to lose so at this rate they'll be at least 5 rounds ,it's hard to lose so fast and so much in the first two weeks then slow or stop ,but think about what you've lost if you was on any other diet it would take at least 2 months to lose what you lose in two weeks ,keep ur head up
  2. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    I've only lost 15.4 lbs in 25 days because I stalled for almost 2 weeks, hang in there, I did.