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Atruehearts Adventures in HCG Land

I did a bad, bad thing!

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Well, actually it's a combination of bad things. First of all I forgot to take my regular meds yesterday morning. I had no BM all day. Then about mid afternoon the craving started.... salt... salt... SALT! First I ate a lemon with salt for my lunch and then a shaker of Twangs Pickle Salt magically appeared on my computer desk. Needless to say by the time I went to bed the shaker was considerably lighter than when I first started in on it. *hangs head in shame* Of course I liberally used the sea salt on my lunch and supper too. This all culminated in that @#*+#@$ scale staring at me this morning with a 2.4 lb GAIN! I am bloated and have a nasty salt taste in my mouth. I have a bit of a salt hangover you might say. How could that itty bitty bit of salt make that big of a difference? At least that's what I kept asking myself as I poured more and more of it. Well it does. So I'm gonna have to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep on trucking. This diet ain't gonna work itself!

The good news is we bought a house in Texas and are moving out of Missouri this week. We are very excited but moving is always stressful. We are literally starting "the rest of our lives" next week. I am leaving on Wednesday after the kids get out of school at noon. So it will be myself, two grandchildren and my youngest daughter heading out for a 7 hour trip to Oklahoma where my son is stationed at Ft. Sill. We will stay several days there and then continue on about a 3 1/2 hour trip to my mom's in Texas. We will stay there until Jo has the new house ready for us. Jonichelle leaves Missouri on the 27th after clearing out this house and taking care of final business here. She will spend the night in Oklahoma with her brother and then depending on when the movers deliver our household goods she will either proceed to my Mom's to join us or go directly to the new house. Needless to say my pc will be packed so I will have limited access to internet and this blog. Depends on my son's and sister's computers and who all is using them. Starting tomorrow I will be out of touch at least for a couple of days. The movers pack up tomorrow. Jonichelle and I are working on getting an HCG plan for the traveling also. A small cooler for the HCG, bottled water and prepared food. Any suggestions?

To say that I'm a bit nervous about doing HCG and all this travel would be an understatement. My family doesn't even know I'm on it. Supposed to be a big surprise to present them with the new "old" me. I wanted to present them with a fait accompli and let them marvel. Instead they are gonna get me mid-stream so to speak. That's an added stress on top of the fact that I will be dealing with my parents failing health while I am there with them. My mother has Alzheimer's and my dad is diabetic, HBP, cancer. Mom has been having problems with vertigo the past two weeks and has had to go to the ER and her doctors office. She was dehydrated and a UTI. I will be extremely busy while I am there.

Ok... I've procrastinated enough and need to get back to sorting and packing what we are taking with us in the car. The movers are coming in tomorrow to pack all the rest. I hope to see a lot "less" of you people next time I get on here!

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  1. SweetKatieA's Avatar
    Oh good luck!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your parents but they are lucky to have you and Jo. Just keep in your head that you're doing this for yourself and your loved ones.... and move the salt shakers out for goodness sakes!! lol