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Avic Victor

Feeling pretty good

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I started p3 yesterday and I can tell you the difference 30 days on p2 made. I went to the grocery store and did not crave carbs, I could walk through the isles and the bread, pasta and normal triggers did not even interest me. I felt like I ate way too much food thought I would be up at least two pounds but I actually lost a pound and I feel great! I ate what seemed like a lot but could tell my appetite had decreased from the normal me.

I was very satisfied with an egg and jerky for breakfast, some almonds for snack, some bacon wrapped peppers and a salad with avocados, mixed veggies, pepperonis and dressing yum it was amazing. It was worth it sticking it out on p2 even with slow losses the change in my impulses and appetite is not short of amazing. I have decided to eat frequent small meals and exercise a few times a week. I am taking vitamins and lotion is such a treat! Every one in p2 just stick it out it is so worth it!!!!

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  1. Spesic22's Avatar
    That's great to hear!!! I'm looking forward to p3!!!
  2. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Awesome Avic! I felt the same way. make sure you add a few extra calories (only good fat of course!) here and there and work your way up to a maintenance calorie that your body is able to live with for life.

    Enjoy all the food choices! I was certainly careful the first few days for sure, now I'm having issues eating clean.