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And so it begins....

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How did I let this happen? I weighed 186 and then 189.4 after loading. Ten years of buying just slightly bigger clothes each season has led to an overstuffed closet and an overstuffed me. 5-6 lbs per year doesn't sound enormous at the time. But multiply that times a decade and hello chubby me.

As you can see from my screen name, I have horses and recently I wanted to take a picture of my amazing equine and I. But Holy thigh wideness Batman. And unfortunately it wasn't the angle. Lets admit it, I'm a pudgy cowgirl.

Deleted from the camera roll (love digital cameras by the way- blip and its gone). I wil replace when I'm 25 lbs less of a cowgirl and then again after another 25.

I've noticed I've stopped looking in mirrors. Almost always averting my eyes. Not cared as much about my appearance and just generally let "me" slide.

Not anymore, game on! I'm starting this blog on VLCD Day2 with a loss this morning of 3.4 lbs. I'm still a bit skeptical and time will tell but I'm sure willing to give it a try as cutting calories wasn't working and I simply can't keep going down the 5lb per year route. OMG I'd have to give up riding and seeing as that's my "therapy" other people might get hurt lol. Anyways I will post like crazy as I'm doing this alone (my husband thinks I'm nuts). I will try to keep it mostly about me and HCG but it might go an a tangent now and then.

I need to get a keyboard for this iPad as typing this blog is a pain. Goal set -15lbs equals keyboard and a day of calling in sick to work and sneaking off to the barn all day.

Off to walk our dogs. Will check in tomorrow when I'm even lighter (fingers crossed)

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    You're a good writer--and funny! "Holy thigh wideness Batman" was a good one.

    I lost more than 25 lbs. through HCG over 3 months ago and have kept it off. I like looking in mirrors now. I never told my husband about the 500 calorie part of the diet because I knew he might say I'm nuts and I'm a sucker for peer pressure. Keep coming to this site for support. Keep reading posts by other losers. Get into a group if you want--that really helped me, being able to ask questions of more experienced HCG dieters than me.

    Eggs and hummus (you mentioned in your post above). I did my HCG diet through my family doctor (Rx nasal spray) and he suggested I follow Dr. Simeon's protocol to a "T" for the whole 40 days. I know some people on this site are able to fiddle around with the rules, but I figured I'd go the conservative route. And I lost a terrific amount. I also followed the "rules" during P3 Maintenance and I think that helped me stabilize at my LDW. I've only had a couple steak days in P4, and I don't consider them punishments, either, just fasting days to "reset."

    Happy losing!
  2. MissRed's Avatar
    So glad you joined us Cowgirl! you are Hi-LARIOUS and a welcome addition to our ragtag buncho weirdos.