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Hummus or eggs????

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So I has a small helping of hummas yesterday on cukes. It was super tasty and I don't regret it. However I also ate egg whites too. Again super tasty.

However the scale was not kind today with a gain of .2. Not cool.

Anyways had eggs again today and will skip the hummas But i really think it's because I might have skipped a protein too.

Anyways today is a new day and I'm hoping that the scale cooperates more tomorrow. But a gain after the stellar losses days 1 and 2 ticks me off but also makes me more committed to stay on track. Will check in tomorrow

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  1. MissRed's Avatar
    Darlin', hummus is loaded with fat, as itis made with tahini (sesame nut butter) ... and where are chickpeas listed as on protocol? you re lucky you got away with as little gain as you did!