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Serendipity & Lessons from the Universe

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Serendipity: noun \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\ - the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.


I love those moments in life when the universe conspires, through a series of what at first seems like unrelated events, to teach us a powerful lesson. Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to experience one of those splendid moments that set me a new course that brought me to this very point in time.

Serendipitous Event #1: It all started about mid-April when my family and I were chatting about what we hoped to do during the kids summer break from school. This is no small task, mind you, given that I have seven children ranging in age from 23 down to 8 years old. It is a family tradition to go on a road trip every summer but for whatever reason everyone agreed that they liked the idea of having a ‘stay-cation’ this year. What were the chances? Seriously!

Serendipitous Event #2: Summer’s in Phoenix can be brutal, with temperatures hitting 115+ degrees. In July of 2011 we moved into a new house but it didn’t have a swimming pool, which is the only thing (along with ceiling fans) that makes summers bearable. Since we weren’t going on a road trip, I decided to take the money we would have spent to purchase what I affectionately call a “white trash” swimming pool – a.k.a. above ground swimming pool. Being a single mom, it was the best I could do and I certainly didn’t hear any complaints from the kids. They loved the idea!

Serendipitous Event #3: Since I was going to have my own pool in the backyard (at our previous house it was a community pool) I came to the conclusion that I was going to purchase AND wear a bikini! OMG, my body hadn’t been in a 2-piece swimming suit for decades but I was determined to make it happen. Not only was I going to wear a bikini but I was going to get a tan too! As a redhead, that is no easy feat, especially when you consider that during those same couple of decades my body had not been exposed to ultraviolet light…I was so white I almost glowed in the dark!

Serendipitous Event #1 + #2 + #3 = Lesson From the Universe: A very white, overweight body does not look appealing in a bikini, no matter what direction you look at yourself in the mirror! I’d been living in a world of denial about my weight for years, telling myself “Well, you did give birth five times…you’re middle aged…you’re living a high stress life…it doesn’t look THAT bad!” But that day, looking in the mirror while wearing my new bikini, I had a moment of reckoning. The Universe wouldn’t let me hide from the reality that was looking back. Sure, I had plenty of reasons for being overweight, and honestly it didn’t look that bad, but I was finally in a place (emotional and physical) that I was ready to face the challenge of losing it.

The Serendipity Continues…The Sunday after the universal awakening, I was at church chatting with a good friend and I mentioned how he was looking so slim. He told me he’d been doing hCG and had lost 21lbs in just three weeks. Wow! I’d tried hCG before but never gave it a real try…cheated from day one and never stuck to it but here was my friend looking FANTASTIC. And guess what? I still had several vials of hCG that I had purchased at least a year earlier but never used. I went home, pulled then out of the drawer, dusted them off, mixed them and never looked back.

Which brings me to this wonderful forum where I found friendship, support and accountability. A group of total strangers took me in, let me chatter away about whatever I felt was important, read my bad poetry, answered my questions, and helped me face my ups and downs through my first round. With one round under my belt…which is much smaller than before…I’m starting R2 today. I have had a very strong impression for weeks now that it was important for me to blog about this round so that others can read about the adventures of an average hCG enthusiast. I gained so much from reading all over this board and sharing my experience is one small way I can give back what I’ve learned, and continue to learn.

There are some things you should know about my quirky personality. First, I love statistics and you’ll see me write a lot about numbers…numbers talk to me in a way that plain words don’t. Second, I love to write and I have been known to write about anything and everything. Third, I WORSHIP the television show The X Files…yes, even 20 years later. I can relate almost anything to an episode of that show and if I make analogies, comparisons, inferences, or jokes about life and the X Files, you’re just gonna have to deal with it!

And just for the record, A.D. Skinner was the REAL star of the show. DD and GA were just his minions!

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