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Numbers Talk To Me....Really, They Do!

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In my life I have many titles...mom, sister, daughter, Project Director, Information Technology Goddess, writer, Recovery Support Specialist, peer, student, research assistant, author...the list goes on and on. But by far two of my favorite favorite titles (other than Mom) are Geek & Nerd. I adore everything technology and actually run the I.T. Department at the non-profit where I work. I love walking into stores like Best Buy & Staples where they offer you "free computer tune-ups". When these eager young men offer their services, I flash them a wry smile and announce, "I run the I.T. Department at work and I do all of our computer system & network maintenance." They look at me in shock. Then I start talking the talk about latest upgrades to our systems and future plans for our organization. About 5 minutes into the conversation I've left them in the proverbial silicon dust because I've exhausted the limits of their knowledge.

Another example of my Geekiness and Nerdiness is that fact that I LOVE statistics. I don't necessarily love math but statistics are an entirely different ballgame for me. By profession I work with people who have been labeled with a serious mental illness and my title requires me to utilize 'best practices' in program development. Also, I have several years under my belt as a researcher in the fields of family services and behavioral health. Numbers talk to me in a way that descriptive words don't. I can be objective with numbers because they don't provoke an emotional response, they are what they are and have no investment in the outcome.

So why am I tell you this?

Because I've been feeling discouraged with my losses during R2. I'm well behind what I lost by this time in Round 1 and as anyone who has completed a round of hCG successfully will tell you, being mentally in the game makes all the difference. So to combat my feelings of discouragement, I decided to spend this morning just looking at the numbers of my hCG journey to see if it would tell me a different story than was I was perceiving on an emotional level. Here's what I came up with:

R1/W2: -11.2 LBS -9.75 Inches
R2/W2: -7.7 LBS -8 Inches

Using these numbers, this is what I know.

11.2 - 7.7 = 3.5 lbs difference
Translation: R2 losses = 41.25% decrease in rate of loss

However, here's the stunning part:

9.75"/11.2#= .87" decrease for every 1# decrease
8"/7.7#= 1.15" decrease for every 1# decrease
Translation: For every 1# lost in R2 there is a 24% higher rate of decrease in inches!

For those who don't like numbers, here's the simplified version of this little exercise in statistics...in R2 I'm shrinking at a much faster rate than R1 even though my weight loss is less by comparison!

I'm certain there are many factors at play that can explain my slower losses in R2. For many years my weight was stable in the 180's and I have learned that when we hit these similar weights in our journey, our body can stall there because it is 'familiar' and resist continued losses for a while. Also, the less abnormal fat one has the slower it will come off. I don't like these facts but I do understand them at a rational level.

Given this new information from today's research exercise, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It might sound silly but when my logical mind computes and interprets the numbers, it can then talk my emotional side back from the ledge of discouragement. Now I have renewed determination and commitment to the remaining 26 days of VLCD that remain. I might not lose the 25 lbs I had hoped for this round but I know I'm still shrinking at lot and THAT FEELS REALLY GOOD!

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