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Another day!

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Down .6 today at 203.4 I will take it! I have been super obsessed with drinking tons of water. I find that my weight loss numbers are so much better when I do!

Does anyone know if theres like a quick way of reading friends' new blog posts without having to go to each profile individually? It would be nice if there was like a Newsfeed page, darn you Facebook.

How is everyone doing? It's about to rain here in Tampa! I think were headed to the beach for the weekend. It's Gunna be tough out in the sun and not eating more than 500 calories so I will have to get an umbrella i think and camp underneath it. My son can't have sun on his surgery scar anyway, so I will hang with him, haha.

So does anyone know what supplements we are supposed to be taking and why? My computer is broken- sigh- so I am stuck searching from my iPhone and it's hard to sort through all the threads without taking a million years. Are the supplements for p3 or am I supposed to hav already been taking them on p2? Thanks for any help you guys might have

16 injection days down, only 24 to go!

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  1. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    I concur! There should be a friends' automatic blog update or something.... it's hard to keep up with those you are acquainted with unless you check the blog list frequently, or go to their page to search it out. Lotsa effort! lol

    I also agree that water makes such a huge difference! I'm wondering if that's another reason I finally dropped today.... I made a pitcher of lemon water early yesterday and made a point to finish it by bedtime, even had to guzzle once. And viola a pound down today!

    I'm opposite of you today, I have 24 injections done and 16 to go! I can't believe it went by kinda fast, now I'm like in a mad dash trying to lose as much as I can before I have to go into P3. My numbers haven't been great

    Have a good one!