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Halloween Blues

Ok, so I am new here. As we say in Texas, "Howdy"! I am excited to be here with like minded people.
So I planned my second round to be ever so convienent - load on my hubby's b-day weekend and end up with Phase 3 placed 2 days before Halloween. Since we were hosting the Halloween party, of course.

I am 5'4" and was up to 198 this past spring. A close friend's 13 year old daughter (a good friend to my daughter) passed away suddenly from a rare cancer and I found myself not caring about what i put in my mouth. "You never know when it will be your time, so why not live it up?!" I was telling myself. That almost "200" number really scared me, so I went to my doctor and she suggested the HCG diet which she had completed herself.

To make a long story short, I lost 28 pounds the first round ending in June of 2010. Now I have lost another 27 to put me basically at 150. I guess I will need to do a third round - at the new year. I think I look pretty good right now, so we will see.

  1. Steak Day really does work when you follow instructions

    Ok, so my idea of adding some queso to "Steak Day" and eating twice was a miserable failure resulting in adding 1.6 pounds and thus truly pushing me 2 pounds over my Last Injection Weight.
    Yesterday I stayed strong - which I was able to do because no one was in the house with me and I could keep myself distracted. I successfully had JUST steak and an apple at almost 8pm. So now I am down 2.4 pounds which puts me 0.2 pounds below my LIW. Whoo Hoo!

    Lets see if ...