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Steak day and sensitivity

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R1 starting weight 213.3 lbs
LIW: 182.6 lbs
Loss: 30.7 lbs

5/27 P3D1 out of town no weight check (macadamia nuts)
5/28 P3D2 183.8 +1.8 lbs
5/29 P3D3 183.0 -0.8 lbs (macadamia nuts)
5/30 P3D4 183.2 +0.6 lbs
5/31 P3D5 183.6 +0.4 lbs
6/01 P3D6 182.8 -0.8 lbs TOM
6/02 P3D7 182.6 -0.2 lbs TOM (macadamia nuts)

6/03 P3D8 184.6 +2.0 lbs TOM
6/04 P3D9 183.2 -1.4 lbs TOM (red wine)
6/05 P3D10 185.2 +2.0 steak day
6/06 P3D11 184.4 -0.8 lbs
6/07 P3D12 184.6 +0.2 lbs
6/08 P3D13 184.0 -0.6 lbs
6/09 P3D14 184.6 +0.6 lbs (steak day; no breaks at work)

6/10 P3D15 183.2 -1.4 lbs (mug cake; and PB)
6/11 P3D16 184.4 +1.2 lbs
6/12 P3D17 183.4 -1.0 lbs
6/13 P3D18 184.6 +1.2 lbs (ate clean)
6/14 P3D19 182.8 -1.8 lbs
6/15 P3D20 183.6 +0.8 lbs (mug cake; Bean chips)
6/16 P3D21 184.0 +0.4 lbs

6/17 P4D1 185.8 +1.8 lbs (3 lbs over LIW) steak day

Today is a steak day. Had mug cake yesterday and am sensitive to almond flour. Oh well. Nothing much more to say. Best wishes to all.

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Updated June 18th, 2013 at 05:44 PM by Bavalay21



  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    Wow - you're doing really amazing though. 30 lbs lost. That's such a victory. Enjoy your steak.
  2. Miley's Avatar
    Don't feel bad, Bavs; I discovered I've got a sensitivity to rice flour, which pretty much nixes my gluten-free blueberry muffins I love so much. But hey, there's plenty of other great foods we can eat in the meantime. P3 won't last forever, and you've got 30 pounds behind you to show for your awesome work! Hang in there and enjoy the beef!
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    mug cake. hmm. I really couldn't stand it, I tried to eat it and just got grossed out by the amount of oil in it. Glad you love it though!

    I actually didn't try flours/etc in P3, I probably should have!

    Miley is right - 30 pounds is awesome!
  4. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Hi Scale, Miley, and Maggie! I love steak and I really enjoyed the biggest one I could find; plus I had a huge honey crisp apple and...full fat fage yogurt with cherries. I am needing that fat from the fage for some reason, and still keep the weight down. So that is a plus even though I am not successful with nuts (at least there is something special I can have). For the mug cake maggie, the thing that was yummy was the home made whipped cream I did--it made it taste like a rich chocolate, dense cake. I hope you are going to reconsider the oil thing as the fats are what help me lock in the new weight (in fact I crave the BP coffee and kerrygold butter--getting over being trained to hate good fats). Yes scale, I should be proud...still working on self esteem and not saying yea, but I still have some 35 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you Miley for making me focus on the positive!