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Day 2 P3

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Morning Weight: 176.8 (down 1.6)

Yesterday evening i met up with my new running buddy for the second time. He is training for the FBI fitness test and needs to be able to do 1.5 miles in 10 minutes. Last Tuesday was out first meeting and we ran 5K together and I was dragging. Last night I was alive. I asked him if he wanted to add distance or speed and he didn't care. I decided on speed and kept pushing and we the did the same route. Ended up cutting over 2 mins off last weeks time and I set a new PR.

5K in 29:18

I was pushing because I had someone to right there with me. That is what this program and forum are all about

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Way to go Bryan. And u are so right! It always helps to have a support system, and that's what these blogs and forums are about for fellow hcg users. Way to go on your run! And way to go with your attitude!