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Morning Weight: 175 (no change)
I ate all the food I am allowed by about 5pm yesterday. My friends was in town and we went to the lake because the weather was so beautiful. The park I usually go to was closed so we went to the park on the other side of the dam. I ended up having to come home early but my friend and I decided to go to the bar and sit outside. Worried about setting myself back like I did Superbowl Sunday I just order a single scotch on the rocks. We decided to walk downtown and visit another place because I earn airline points. I was hungry so I order the best option on the Menu. Gaelic Chicken, grilled chicken in a mushroom sauce and steamed veggies. I skipped the squash and let my friend have the mash potatoes. By 10pm we walked back to my car and got a call that a few friends wanted to meet up. I was hungry again so we went to 7-11. I bought 4 hard boiled eggs and a protein shake that only had 5g of sugar. I almost got a 5-hour energy drink since it is mainly B12 but decided again it. We ended up wait for an hour for my friends to arrive and I decided to go home as soon as they got there.
I was expecting a gain this morning and was glad to see no change in my weight. I took my body fat percent and it read 16.3% and yesterday it was 16.8%.
175 @ 16.8% = 29.4 fat and 145.6 lbm
175 @ 16.3% = 28.5 fat and 146.5 lbm
Even though my weight did not change I still lost 0.9 lbs of fat.





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