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Morning Weight: 176.2 (up 1.2)

I was hungry all day yesterday and the night before that. Today will mark my first day without drops. I need to do some reading because I can't remember if it 2 or 3 days of VLCD and no drops. I am ready for P3 but do see plenty of temptation coming the next 3 weeks.

I will not longer log my diet as it is viewed as just a journal and not helpful to anyone.

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    I believe that with the drops, it is a full 48 hours (2 days). I do injections and I know they are 3 days. The drops leave your system quicker than the injections.
    Good luck with P3. I will join you next Sunday!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Sorry u were hungry. Some up their protein portions those last couple of vlc days off drops. It may help some. Good luck in p3.
  3. Feisty's Avatar
    Ok no logging diet but let us know how you're doing on occasion. 48 hours on drops is correct.