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Hungry and weak

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Ok so far so good this morning... definitely not hungry like Iíve been. Mood better, a tad weak but I feel that is going to pass as well. Last few days by now I was watching the clock for the 4 hours to pass so I could have lunch. Slight growling on and off, but not feeling like I want to empty out the fridge as I have for the last 2 days all day long shortly after my injection. Sense of smell has become VERY increased. Anyone else experience that?
I am open to any and all comments.
Weight loss has always been a struggle for me, would lose, and regain for the last 20 years. Very unsupportive hubby as he does not have a weight problem and feels will power is all I need. While he sits and eats wings, pizza, snacks, ice cream and glares at me when I decide to indulge. I have yo-yoíed for so many years my metabolism is in the dumpster from starvation diets. Last time on weight watchers doing EXACTLY what I should an NO cheating I gained weight. Who does that? Iím now under a Dr. care (endocrinologist) that feels my metabolism is tanked and this should fix it. Anyway didnít mean to go on but he was less than encouraging this morning asking me how long before I fail on this diet... glad I found this forum, Iím going to need the support.
Iíll be checking in later today.

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