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Hungry and week

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Ok so here it is...

Definitely not as hungry today! Didn’t eat lunch until almost 1:00, only had protein, veggie and strawberries skipped he bread stick. Slightly hungry now.

Saw Dr. Today, she said they used to start people on 125 but found too many to be hungry so they now start at 150. She has said she feels I need to be upped not lowered. She said it’s ok for me to try either method. They prescribe phentermine and commends the fact that I don’t want to use it as a crutch. (I am leaving for a cruise in February and she did say that in that I will be starting P3 the day I leave that she would prescribe the phentermine to take with me just so I don’t fall off the wagon my very first week on P3. And sad If I don’t need it, then Kudos)

So yes, I’m a tad hungry now at 5:30 my dinner will be after 6:00 (going out tonight and already looked at the menu)

In a nut shell, mild hunger all day, but manageable.

My question now is, tomorrow do I go up or down? (Dr. Said up because it’s all day, not just morning or not just evening, I’m confused because it’s less than it was over the last few days)

150 for 7 days (2-1/2 were load days) 4 days on P2

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