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Day2 : So far ok

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So i've been good so far today. My mental battle is telling myself not to say eff it, i'll lose weight p3 style (which i know i can do). Mentally telling myself i'm doing this to get to a place where i'll be comfortable with then losing weight on my own. I cannot deny the fast results with hcg but damn the mental willpower it takes can be overwhelming.

Damn and it's only day 2. For me, the weekends are the hardest, the urge to mindlessly eat goes into overdrive. But i think my game plan is going to be take my laptop to a cafe and study. Get a big iced coffee and just chill out there, read a book/study.

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  1. snoppy48's Avatar
    Same here, getting sick didn't help, still feel ill! I'm not sure this is for me but will stick it out, paid a lot of money for it so no quitting! I lost 5lbs so that is great and I like you want to lose enough so I can go back to maintain my weight! I had been doing great for 20 years, had lost 133lbs in my own, kept them off too until 2years ago! Put 40lbs on, hate it! Those are what I'm hoping to lose so..... hang in there, I'll hang too!
  2. bebifal's Avatar
    How did you lose the 133lbs?