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My Journey - Well thats what it feels like!

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Okay so i started this trip down the weight loss lane on 24th April 2012. So i have no idea if this is going to work but i have tried everything else to lose the weight. I am female, 30 years old, 6ft tall and weight 240lbs, i never used to weight this much at one time i was a professional swimmer and was thin as a rake, i weighed 160lbs and i was THIIIIIIN!!!

Then of course life takes over, job, university, degree and 15 years later pushing 100lbs more then what i used to weigh. Now i am under no delusions that i will ever be that thin again but i can try. My goal is 180lbs... i am a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in a year and i want to look good for her.

I am physically fit, i work out three times a week and i have some real strength in my muscles. My aim is to lose some of this flubber around my stomach which does not want to go away no matter how much working out i do. So this will be a trip down the road for me, trying to lose this weight and get rid of some of this fat.

So this where where i am right now R1/P2/Drops

This is day 2 of my VLCD.

Day one: It was okay other then being starving throughout he whole day. But i held true i did not snack on anything. I kept to my apple and Melba toast as snacks for during the day between meals. I spent Wednesday night weighing out all the chicken in my freezer and making sure it was all bagged up. I also downloaded that very large cookbook that you can find on this very site and it is a wonder, i will be trying out many of those recipes when i get paid!! So the day passed okay, but i began to get a real bad headache which i still have this morning. Not sure if i am not drinking enough water but i an determined to do this!

Day Two: So i woke up with my headache still here, took some aspirin this morning but i am down 6.4 lbs since i started this only 3 days ago!!! So i tell you what i will put up with the damn headaches if i continue to lose at this good rate. I doubt it will continue this fast but i don't care! Just going to have my strawberries for my breakfast so I shall keep you all updated on what i am feeling during this trip!

Keep strong everyone!


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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    Good job and good luck! The first week is usually the hardest. No matter what the losses, or even a gain, STICK WITH THE PROTOCOL! I'm no expert, but I would stay more with the meat, veggies, fruit and definitely don't overdo on the melba toast. It is carbs and the body's very sensitive with the hcg in it. But that's just my body. If you have questions, go to the forum side. There's been every possible question about hcg known to man posted over there, or you can ask it. The experts hang out over there! :-)
  2. Becki's Avatar
    Day Three!!!

    I call this day three as i do not include the loading days on the VLCD. OKay so yesterday, Day two i was starving!!! Hungry all day, so i spread out my fruit portions and had them as snacks during the day.

    This morning, headache again, but! i am 229.2!!! I have heard time and time again this sort of weight loss is not good for you. I wonder if i will be able to keep the whole thing off when i am done. I am very surprised at how much is coming off and i have not even worked out yet. Monday and Wednesday i go to the gym so we shall see how i do during the working out part.