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R1 / P2 / D36 - on my way to P3

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You know I started this diet not expecting it to work as well as it has.. and then as time went on I expected more out of it then I have gotten... gotta be careful with greed.. hahaha I have come to the conclusion that I can accept that I will be down 20lbs by the time this round is over and I move into P3. So what if I have to do 3 rounds to get to my goal... ITS WORTH IT!!

So I have only a few more days until P3 and I'm excited. I've been researching the recipes and reading the forum for everyone's experiences on P3 - good and bad - so that I am prepared for what lies ahead!!

Here are my stats to date.. and like I said.. I'm very happy with where I am today!! I haven't added the first part of P2 because.. well because I keep forgetting to bring my book to work and put the weights in... (hey at least I'm honest.. lol)

Started April 4, 2011
Start weight - 207
R1/P2/D19 - 195
R1/P2/D21 - 191
R1/P2/D22 - 190
R1/P2/D23 - 189
R1/P2/D27 - 186.5
R1/P2/D29 - 186
R1/P2/D30 - 187
R1/P2/D33 - 190.5
R1/P2/D35 - 189.5
R1/P2/D36 - 188.5

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  1. JoNichelle's Avatar
    That is so Awesome! Your right how we are first amazed and then somehow wish it was more..lol Like there is any other diet where you can lose 20 pounds in a month. Man we are greedy.