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I asked the doctor...why am I gaining fat, he said "Because you turned 30"

3 Weeks P3 done!

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Well, it's Friday and I'm officially off P3. I can't say that it was tough or that I stuck to the whole no sugars no starches rule either. I've been eating small amount of starches like bread and tortillas, rice and what not. I haven't had much sugar but I wasn't being **** about it either. I just didn't intentionally eat something like cake and brownies.
I'm still at my LDW and the only change in it was to go down rather than up.
Feeling great and maybe I'll have a couple slices of pizza or some Pho today....mmmm Pho.

I think I will go back to P2 at the end of June. I was going to start back up today but will be taking a long trip in the middle of June and don't want to deal with the BS of P2.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well!!

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