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I asked the doctor...why am I gaining fat, he said "Because you turned 30"

58 days since last drop

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So I can't believe it's been 55 days since my last drop. I'm still holding in at my LDW, which is fantastic seeing as how I ate like a pig for 11 days straight on my vacation. Everything I ate was wrapped in some sort of breading or something...sheesh! And beer, there was lots and lots of that....I also picked up regular soda again but I don't drink it all the time....I just can't it's too sweet.

I still don't add sugar to my coffee, only when I don't have a flavored creamer (that has enough sugar as it is!).

Anyway, I'm glad you're all doing great....I still haven't shopped for new clothes and have been wearing most of the small amount of clothes I had before I gained that extra 30 pounds a year ago. I've bought a couple of T-Shirts and a couple of shorts but that's about it....my work clothes still are 3 sizes too big but that's OK with me!

Happy Friday and have a great long weekend to all

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