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The Oddest Sensation

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I was sitting on a bench in my home with my legs together and had the oddest sensation...I looked down and my knees were touching, but the rest of my thighs were not! WOW. I haven't felt that since my twenties (41 now), and I remember vividly the first time I felt that 20 years ago!

Small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

And a much needed one, I may add. I have a week left of injections and remain totally OVER IT. I know that Grammy says that the long rounds are the ones that really change your mindset and give you the strength and discipline you need to stay on point in P3 & P4. I am counting on that to be true, because I just want to be done more than anything.

Correction: my EGO wants to be done, wants to eat P3 foods and have some sooothing fats and extra protein. My higher self knows that this week will be good for me. One reason for this is that I think my doses were too low (100 iu/IM inj) for most of the round, resulting in poor inch losses. (only 6 this round, compared to 24 my first round) I upped my dose gradually to 200iu and have not been hungry and have already seen greatly improved inch losses this week.

My dizziness remains, even though I've started drinking Smartwater for electrolytes and lowered my overall water intake to 75oz or so. (I was drinking a gallon+ per day) The dizziness is another reason I want to come off.

Enough complaining. I WILL reach my goal of losing another 5 lbs this week, bringing my total including load weight for two rounds to 60 lbs. That is a significant number. That is why I'm doing this.

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  1. Snowdreams's Avatar
    Man i am so happy for you. You cracked me up with the knee thing. It's the little things like seeing daylight through your thighs that makes it all worth while. I am R1P2 ready to go to P3. I have lost 37 pounds as of today. I can't wait to eventually get to the 60 pound mark.