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Round 3 DONE!

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So I guess this will be my first and only blog from round 3.

My first two rounds were long ones and I've decided that 6 weeks is about two weeks too long for me. I end up getting weak and obsessed and UNHAPPY by the end.

Turns out, I end up getting weak and obsessed & unhappy on a 4 week round as well.

The fact that it is officially summer did not help.

Last night, I had a willful and deliberate cheat related to the fact that I got a job yesterday. Most would see that as a reason to celebrate, but I just felt so shackled (and alone - Friday night, no txts or phone calls from friends boo) that I ended up eating two bowls of popcorn with butter. I only brought the popcorn into my home because my niece is coming to stay tonight and that is one of our traditional movie foods. Lesson learned.

Anyway, I said to myself that if I had a gain the next day, I would call that my LIW and move on. Well, I ended up losing 1.6, putting me .6 over my 20 lb loss goal for this round and, fearing a gain or stall for the next 3 days (was originally planning to inject until Monday) I am calling THAT my LIW and stopping injections. (P3 MONDAY!)

The last week or so I have been struggling with the same 2 lbs. I think it was a set point issue, which is fine, whatever, but incredibly demoralizing.

So here I am, onderland and all, calling it quits on R3 and planning for my final round in November or possibly January, depending on how maintenance goes. Summer is traditionally my big party season, but keeping it off has got to be my biggest priority.

I've gone from 264 to 195 - lost 68.4 lbs, at least 45 inches (haven't done final measurements yet), and gone from a size 22 to a respectable (and somewhat HOT, if I do say so myself) size 16.

And I got a job. Eeesh.

Basically, (and I haven't outlined everything) officially, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING has changed in my world since I started HCG.

God bless us, every one.

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