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Onto P3!

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Omigosh! I never thought this day would come (lol) I am finally in day one of p3!
I lost 20 lbs in p2! and the bf lost 28.4. He would have lost more but he stopped two days before i did (and without saying anything either!)

My breakfast was:
P3 friendly cran-orange muffin ( which i later found out wasnt so p3 friendly, so we'll see how that effects me)
And coffee with creamer (ahhh!!!)

Had an apple for a snack

For lunch i had
Spinach, walnut and gorgonzola salad w/ balsamic vin.
small piece of leftover lamb

For dinner i will have
Lean ground sirloin burger
oopsie buns
Romaine salad w/ Walden farms dressing

Im so happy to have made it! Ive never stuck to a program this long and i gotta say its grand!
I cant wait to get to p4 so i can start excersing and maybe losing again =] I want to do another round before my cruise in october, but maybe with some toning and working out, i wont need to!

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