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So far so good...

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So, Ive been meaning to start this blog to kind of keep me sane, but i just havent really had the time until now.

for those who dont know, I am 5'1 and started at 164. I am doing homeopathic sublingual drops (truderma) and my bf is doing this diet along with me.

Im in my third week and its been a rollercoaster....

My first week was super hard to conform to I had headaches and belly aches and i drank so much tea the first couple days i cant even smell it now. But i had the most losses in week one, which is normal obviously.

My second week was smooth sailing. My headaches were gone, I was no longer hungry (except at meal times) and i drank more water. I was getting used to the food and finding ways to spruce up my own recipies and try different things. Ive even grown accustomed to eating tomatoes and onions (something i detested before). But with all my mental triumphs this week, the scale refused to cooperate. I was eating perfectly on protocol, drinking tons of water but i would stall for days at a time, then loose a fraction of a pound, stall again, etc etc. Week two was really frustrating for me..

Now that i am a few days into week three i have this diet downpacked. I pack my foods nightly (my bf cooks days in advanced) Ive found snacks that i can eat without reprocussions, and i am losing weight consistantly (despite having a bite of cheat here and there).

I initially was planning on only doing a 23 day round, but now that i see that its really not that hard to do, i might just stick it out until the bottle is empty (maybe another two weeks) I guess I will have to play it by ear and see. =]

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    Curious as to what "snacks" work for you without gains? Always looking for new foods to try to add to my arsenal
  2. BellaXero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scientistmac
    Curious as to what "snacks" work for you without gains? Always looking for new foods to try to add to my arsenal
    I found these things called peeled snacks http://peeledsnacks.com/

    Its just dehydrated fruit, nothing added, so they are awesome to take on the go, my favorites are the apples, but they have all kinds of fruit.

    Ive also found ways to have my own "Frappes" using flavored stevia and wondercocoa

    And ive found soymilk doesnt effect my losses (as long as its only the taplespoon alotted like milk)